NEWS: Pipedrive launches new Platinum Plan to support fast-scaling sales teams

— Pipedrive, the leading sales pipeline software and CRM of choice for over 75,000 companies, today launched a re-engineered Platinum Plan offering new features designed to address the pain points of rapidly growing sales teams. Pipedrive is unique in combining easy activity-based usage for sales reps with valuable analytics for managers.

According to a study of 1000 sales professionals, conducted by YouGov, 74 per cent are unsatisfied with the technology they use for their job. One third of salespeople report that not all the software available to their team is being fully used, and 1 in 4 still rely on pen and paper to track pipelines. Such pain points make sales management today even more challenging.

Pipedrive Platinum (priced from $49/month) takes aim at this wasted potential by equipping companies to manage teams more effectively, set goals and track performance. Designed by sales people, for sales people, the solution brings teams together and automates the right sales tasks to achieve revenue goals.

For example, the Teams & Team Goals tool organizes sales reps into teams and gives useful insights into their performance. Sales managers can oversee team pipelines, activities and statistics to compare performance and assess goals. Revenue Forecast Reports deliver a comprehensive and reliable overview of forecasted revenue so companies can plan ahead with confidence.

Timo Rein, Co-Founder and CEO of Pipedrive, comments, “We’ve grown up in sales and want to serve the ones who have the hardest challenges in sales. That’s why we help salespeople stay on top of their sales pipeline and perform with confidence. That’s also why we help sales managers hit their targets and grow, and we’re now able to serve them better than ever before.”

“We believe that Pipedrive is the best thing to happen to sales managers. First, we build a product that their team loves to use. Ultimately, every manager is judged by their ability to achieve targets, though. What’s required for that is constant monitoring and adjusting of key performance, and coaching individuals to their maximum potential”, he adds.

An important innovation area for sales is automation. Pipedrive’s Workflow Automation features allow sales teams to automate mundane tasks and optimize their sales processes. With automated email workflows and follow-up activities, valuable time is saved, less actions fall through the cracks and team productivity and efficiency are raised.

As sales teams scale, many businesses can struggle to uphold high quality and security. Pipedrive Platinum offers an easy way to customize user permissions and visibility rules, meaning valuable business data is as protected as it needs to be. Sales managers can also rest assured with enterprise-level security features such as SAML SSO, and full GDPR compliance.

Rein continues, “Now Pipedrive delivers tools to help managers set and track sales goals, manage multiple teams with different visibility/permissions setups, and forecast revenue targets with highest accuracy. Our mission is to help managers be always on course to targets and tap into the roots of winning performance of every individual in their team. Beat that, or try it out.”

Pipedrive is strongly placed to capitalize on a surging global CRM market worth over $40 billion (Gartner). Having recently won an additional $50 million series C funding round, the company is focused on further expanding its R&D, accelerating customer growth across its global footprint, and exploring strategic acquisitions.

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About Pipedrive Inc.

Pipedrive is the tool of choice for salespeople in scaling companies – the sales CRM pipeline platform that makes selling simple. Pipedrive keeps things moving, stops tasks falling through the cracks and kills the tedium of admin. Pipedrive ensures that sales activities remain targeted, ambitious and realistic. Today, 75,000 customers in 170 countries, and across 100+ industries leverage Pipedrive’s award-winning software to manage their sales process.

Founded by seasoned sales professionals, Pipedrive launched in 2010. It is one of the fastest growing cloud-driven SaaS companies worldwide, having raised $80m in funding from investors including Insight Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Atomico, Rembrandt Venture Partners and Paua Venture

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