Top 10 Social Media Marketing Success Checklist

Before you spend a single dime on marketing, check this list:

1 – Focus of “Thought Leadership?” That is, what key areas of your expertise could you blog about that people would be interested in about you and your solutions. That is, it will always be about content, content and content whether movies, products or services. And, if things go bad, respond quickly and with personal conviction to customer complaints, rumors or worse.

2 – Add More Keywords/tags/labels about your Expertise or Businesses. Examples would be: bicycle repair in Boulder, bicycle tours in Boulder, etc. The more tags/keywords/label are will generally increase you SEO traffic.

3 – Post Calls-To-Action on Social Media – Examples: Your life suffers because you . . . With xyz product, you will ….Our products have been proven to . .

4 – Push or Pull – Marketing for some is either inbound or outbound. The point is to do both. Newsletters, ads, tradeshows are examples of outbound. Ads are examples of inbound where customers come looking for you.

5 – Posting or Pinning – Blog posts are great to establish you as thought leadership. Pinning on Pinterest is a great way to create your own online catalog. Combine your blog posts with pictures and pin them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others.

6 – IP-Intellectual Property and Legal – We have always advised clients to focus their efforts on their website rather than letting Facebook control their brand and to protect their brand name a critical part of their intellectual property.

7 – Consumer Service Education – Probably the easiest and greatest ideas to blog and share is information on your products and solutions. As has been said, “can’t sell what you don’t know” also means that in a DIY-do it yourself world, educate both your sales and customers to everyone knows more about what you do whether it be about the thread in your clothes or the way you build products.

8 – Channels – Who are you networking with in your community, online and social groups. Supporting friends’ idea is often a great way to help you with your idea.

9 – Go Mobile – If you have read this far, one of the most important points we can suggest is begin redesigning your website for mobile access. For example has a mobile version of their website to be viewed by smartphones aka iPhone. There are many examples of great mobile websites. Then get going because 50% and growing number of viewers see your website on their smartphones.

10 – Vision – Remember to always look toward the future and keep your vision focused and evolve as customers and markets change and change you along the way or change will change you and often for the worse.

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