What B2B Uses SocialMedia for: Partnerships and Competitor Insights + What Medium to Build Your Message

I struggle daily to explain the value of social media and this may not convince anyone but its a good nugget to consider – “The report points out that B2B and B2C marketers differ in the benefits they derive from social media: for example, B2B marketers are more apt than their B2C counterparts to grow partnerships using social media (57% and 45%, respectively), and are more likely to be using social to gain insights on competitors (60% and 45%, respectively).”

Here’s a little more: As expected, B2B marketers continue to favor LinkedIn to a greater degree than B2C marketers (79% and 47% using, respectively), with B2B marketers also more likely to be using Twitter (72% vs. 62%)

Click on image for complete article:

Now, you have picked your distribution channel from above, what is your message.  Here’s where to spend your content development budget:


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