Social Selling Ideas for Success – Top-10 – Terrorism, Trust, Tools, Team and Trends – Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of the Top-10 Ideas for Social Selling Success.

6 – Terrorism – for purposes of this article, terrorism are events perpetrated by others against you and trust are events or efforts of goodwill or negligence/incompetency by you.  There is one other category such as Katrina falls under trust because it’s about what you do when there is a crisis. We hear every day of hacker attacks but seem a bit blasé” about them until they impact you directly.  Few would argue that Identity theft is certainly one of the new growth industries.  There are also an increasing amount of gawkers, hackers, attackers whose profession is to ruin you.  In addition, there are others like the person who caused the Tylenol poison scare in the 1986 yet still impacting the product today.  It may also be blasé’ to say that privacy is gone and the more you use social media and indeed, the less privacy you have.  It is also easy enough to understand is theft of credit cards and user account information perpetrated by evildoers.

It’s not that you will be attacked, you already are being attacked, your IT security staff and others are already at work trying to stop them.  The question is when hackers succeed, and the odds are they will, do you have a crisis strategy plan already in place to respond to it.  Because the way you respond to the attack in the new social media, you may have already lost the trust of your customers.  We worked on building a strategy process plan ahead of the crisis so everyone knew what do to when it did.  Like a fire evacuation plan, except for a hack attack response plan.

8 – Trust – As with the concept of terrorism, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  In fact, the problem is that if you are not speaking on the social media soapbox, then someone else is speaking and they may not be saying what you want them to say.  Or worse, trust once lost is seldom regained.  The price to regain trust is also more than the cost of the original mistake.  Only a few years ago, we all watched millions of gallons of oil a mile deep every day on every media source and now everyone on Twitter will see what you are doing, and it shows how the media is non-stop 7×24 until you fix the problem.

If you are not learning from and acting upon all the details and consequences from these instances of corporate negligence it will certainly happen to you.  In addition, your own gross negligence and incompetence may be fatal to your career and also never forgiven.   Remember the world is all in “ink” and it’s not a “dress rehearsal.”   There are now great tools that track social media (Actiance) and provide corporate tracking of both internal and external media threads.  Moreover, with an increasing amount of corporate compliance requirements, social media marketing must be in a position to respond in a crisis.  Whether an attack on corporate systems or epic disaster such as BP or Exxon oil spills or other disasters, you need to anticipate and build plans or models to be ready for every social media situation.   No one would doubt that Tony Hayward the former BP CEO who made the situation even worse with his comment about “waiting his life back.”  The internet is also “ink” and everything will always be there and you can delete it, so plan your content carefully.

The other part of trust or lack or it is the lack of privacy.  Analysis of customer information or pro-active use of so-called private information is also corporate privacy invasion.  Marketing has always been challenged with “profiling” the customer or using non-specific individual information.  Certainly you want to target age, demographics, location and other factors.   Most companies begin by analyzing current customers.   However, understanding your customers’ needs versus designing a campaign for certain customers requires a detailed planning and coordination effort.   That is, a planning is a critical element to that process.

7 – Tools – Great sales people would say it is their personality that makes the sale.  Certainly that is a great skill, however, in a social media world, individual personalities are less important (unless you are Lady Gaga).  The point is that sales and marketing need close integration and planning with marketing (social or otherwise) more than even before.  Planning all marcom activities is important to ensuring everyone is “on the same page.”

That is, sales and marketing need to be in sync on activities, plans, presentations and all content.  Each is dependent on the customer perceives everything about you.  In fact, a totally integrated sales-marketing-communications SWAT team is the only way think about your strategy going forward.

9 – Team – it is always and always will be about the team.  Hiring the “best employees” is so over-rated it is not worth any further discussion.  Sometimes the “best employee” doesn’t don’t make a job better.   We have all worked with very smart and totally incompatible people.  Often, they drive people away.  If fact finding “compatible employees” for the team should be the goal of any hiring processes but you often need more than just people who all look alike.

Along with proper training and company socialization will indeed, result in the best employees.   The point is to identify the people, skills as well as how well they work together.  If you like sports or fruit companies, you can see what happens when a great coach builds a compatible team, they are unstoppable.  In addition, if there are tools that can track team activities then the “newbie” can get up-to-speed faster, more effective than before.  That is, understanding where the team is on their journey also helps new guides and executives evaluate future direction.

10 – Trends – most people gasp when they see what has happened over the past decade and also what has not happened.  What history gives us is not necessarily insight into the future but the means review what did happen and then either builds upon or, in many cases, don’t make the same mistakes again.  What this means for you is to have tools that you can review your mistakes and successes and build upon them.

However, do you really think Apple thinks about where customers have been but more about where they want customers to go and moving them in that direction.   Apple has never been totally full-proof but they are increasingly flawed.  They missed out on voice assistant’s aka Alexa.  They missed business cloud aka Amazon Web Services.  They failed to bring business technology to most business. One wonders why they are letting the future slip from their grasp.  However, they have the same amount of time as you and I do, they are just better organized about it.  We see that a marketing-communications calendar approach can bring to you every much a great tool to succeed.

Again, I have gone way beyond my Gettysburg address limit but have a little more to say, hopefully there you found value in these ideas and more importantly can make them actionable for you.


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