Theme: Moving Minds, Not Matter – Digital Meetings/Media Xpo – Showup-Showoff-Shoutout

This is a call for papers, award submissions and exhibitors for the Digital Meeting Technology (DMT) SympoXpo Symposium and Exposition to be held in Boulder, Colorado scheduled for early October 2019 at the Boulder Hilton.

Papers are sought on but not limited to:

  • Digital Meeting Tech – integrating DMT into business communications including social media, decision-making, the tough issues
  • Digital Meeting Tech business strategies – extending DMT into staff-channel communications mix
  • Digital Meeting Tech – for professional networking and telecommuter applications
  • Digital Meeting Tech – headsets, cameras, speakerphones, wearables, devices, presentation systems
  • Digital Meeting Tech – communication room tech including augmented/virtual reality
  • Digital Meeting Tech – cloud, hybrid, mesh cloud
  • Digital Meeting Tech – consumer applications for DMT in retail, banking, arena
  • Digital Meeting Tech – new communications methodologies
  • Digital Meeting Tech – streaming, gamification, simulations
  • Digital Meeting Tech in selling technologies – e.g. chatbots, kiosks beyond the contact center
  • Digital Meeting Tech – startups and new business models
  • Digital Meeting Tech using AI and emerging technologies like car-to-car video conferencing – out of the box ideas
  • Digital Meeting Tech view from venture capital and investors
  • Digital Meeting Tech as good public policy – “move minds, not matter”
  • Other special topics – tell us your new ideas

Deadline for papers and presentations is June 15. Keep “non-sales pitch” presentations to 15-minutes max including Q&A (if people find your presentation interesting they can discuss with you at the cocktail reception or exhibition time).

If you would like to sponsor or provide hallway booth or register please contact

Early bird registration is available for $995 for the first 30 people and $1,495 afterward. Group discounts are also available  We can email registration form and invoice.

Details subject to change without notice.

Media Sponsor

If you have any questions, please email or call 303-594-1694

Come for the show and then go !